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A considerable amount of attention has been paid to wearable (electronic) devices since Apple launched smartwatches. Wearable devices have managed to garner a position of significance in the consumer electronics market in a short time, and are considered a new means of addressing the needs of many industries. The use of wearable tech data is still in its infancy.


As it stands, only 8% of adopters say they are completely ready to gain actionable insights from the volume of employee and customer data generated from wearables. Paydio is the extension of the mobile application which was designed for wearables namely for apple and google. One of the major objectives of this specific application is to create a very institute and easy solution for peer-to-peer money transfer. One of the major challenges while designing applications for wearables is the limited screen space and limited real estate.


I worked as the product designer and UI/UX designer for the application. While making the interface for the wearable application I ensured that the screen does not have unwanted information and kept the information as relevant as possible.


Designing is nothing but thinking made visual, Although the design process had begun from the moment I started the thinking process, I made sketches of the screens to get a clear picture of what I’m going to visualize. 


Wireframing also helps in solving many user experience issues in the early stages of our process. While designing the applications for smartwatch I ensured that the design is simple and is intuitive with very common scroll gestures, colors, styling.

I wanted to ensure that a low literate smartwatch user could use the app with ease. After the wireframing, I went ahead and made the visual design and developed the visual language for the smartwatch app. In the overall process, I wanted to ensure that the smartwatch application complements the mobile application and goes in sync with the app.

One of the major gives away I learned is that while designing for wearables keeping it simple is the key to a successful interface. Unlike desktop and mobile, we cannot add many features and information to the screen; we need to keep the interactions easy and as simple as possible.

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