My Choice Corporate

MyChoice Corporate Prepaid cards allow businesses
to streamline commission, business, incentive, and
travel payments.

My Choice Corporate Prepaid cards allow businesses to streamline commission, business, incentive, and travel payments and control expenditures with enhanced convenience, flexibility, and security. Businesses can easily make payments across in multiple currencies without the need for cardholder bank accounts or cheque issuance. My Choice corporate is the product launched by the Wavecrest group. Wavecrest wanted to launch a product that could make the digital payments a seamless experience for its users.


One of the major challenges while designing the application was assuring the enterprise users that the application is safe and keeping their financial information safe and private. This is one of the key concerns raised by the users and the other major problem was to make the payment process simple and seamless.


Apart from being the product designer, I also had an additional responsibility of leading the front-end development team of the project. Way before starting the design of the project I ensured that the problem statement is laid out clearly and the solution for the problem is defined. In addition, we proceeded with the user interview of the user and created the user personas for the design.

To begin the design process, we needed to choose which features would solve our problem statement. We began out the design by keeping out problem statement in mind and went ahead and make a few low fidelity wireframes for the solution after storyboarding the ideas and analyzing the task flow.

While designing the overall system we followed the agile methodology where we designed, developed and deployed the features simultaneously while other features are developed in a sprint manner.

Once we were confident with the low fidelity sketches it was time for us to create a high fidelity wireframe in XD and prototype the whole idea. After prototyping, we made few iterations to make a strong foundation for the visual design, and soon after we tested the prototype we went ahead and made the final User interface using photoshop.

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