Sample artworks for business and individuals which
were used for social media marketing and print design.

Splattering colors and shapes all over the canvas is a painter’s way to create whatever comes to mind. As an astute graphic artist, I follow a series of steps before I begin my actual work. I believe that a design for a client has to fit a specific set of requirements, so it is only natural that the process to figure out what the client needs to produce an effective output is based on a logical flow.


As a graphic artist I use Photoshop, Illustrator to make my graphic work, I started off my graphic design work initially by using coral-draw and slowly adapted it to illustrator, I tried making a different set of posters for different works, my personal favorites will always be the typography and the minimalistic poster which I made. It once started as a hobby and now it’s a part of my profession.


I start my design process my briefing of the project by the client. Once I have a brief overview of the client, I dig into every possible material I find and start researching. During this phase, I would seek information on the competitors, point of differentiation (POD), market, audience, trends, and future prospects. The idea behind researching the client’s competitors is to ensure that you do not copy or make anything too similar. The combination of the briefing and research will open a path to producing relevant ideas. So, put the pen to paper start brainstorming design ideas. After the brainstorming, I start sketching multiple ideas using the traditional pen and paper approach. Then once I am clear with my idea I proceed further and I start building the digital artwork using the tool, during this stage I spend a good amount of time with my tool for building a concrete digital design. Once I am done with my digitization of the artwork, I present the final refined artwork to the client for the production.


After finishing the project I provided the client with various style guide materials and as well as the branding guidelines which can be used while using the brand identity of the company. Along with that, I also provided a document, which included several sections and informed about the idea, which became the basis of a logo, its structure and specifications, color and monochrome versions, which could be used for different purposes.

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