The First Meal

The first meal is the company that wanted to launch a product
that could help people in subscribing breakfast and delivering
the breakfast to their users to the doorstep.

The thing with a start-up with a powerful established team is their capabilities of solving the problem so well that research finds so little room for seeking what needs to be developed. Over the last century, people’s eating habits have changed a lot. Technology has also contributed to the changes in consumer preference as their dependence on technology has moved them to do everything online including getting cooked meals delivered to their doorstep.  e first meal is the company that wanted to launch a product that could help people in subscribing the breakfast and delivering breakfast to their users to the doorstep.

One of the major challenges while designing the project was the very approach in today’s world where people order food directly whenever it’s required we were trying to focus on the users who would subscribe for the breakfast.


My role was to design the overall user experience and the user interface for the product; Wearables are one of the fast-growing gadgets in today’s market so we went ahead and planned to make the application available for the wearables exclusively. Along with designing the application, I proceed further and kept myself closely aligned to the developer in order to avoid challenges during the development.


 This led to thinking of a convenient and more attractive app for users in order to meet their expectations more precisely while subscribing to breakfast online.

As the product designer for the application and lead the design team to create a seamless mobile experience for the application. We took almost care in keeping the application clean and neat. Along with that, we also wanted to make the overall experience of the product complement the very idea of the company. I have started the process with competitive research and I identified the top three competitors. Analyzing and comparing the content of their apps helped me to determine the direction of development for application. Further, to build empathy with users, I started with a set of casual interviews. This resulted in a preliminary set of requirements and creating User Personas.

The interviews helped me to understand the user’s concerns and helped me in understanding their pain points. Soon after that, I started working on the wireframes of the application, Wireframes are used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of an app before visual design and content are added. In the ideation phase, I created wireframes presenting information architecture of the future layout. Soon after that, I wanted to start with the UI design of the product, choosing colors for designs, in general, is not easy. So why can’t we just choose colors for our projects based on how we feel about them or based on the trends?

Working on this project helped me learn that user research is crucial for the whole process of design application. Responsiveness is another important point in the UI/UX design. When the app shows the user immediate consequences of their action, there is a more personal connection.

Many people support the idea that digital products of today should be minimalist and purely functional. However, my experience and practice shows that people want to both solve the problems and feel aesthetic satisfaction using apps. The balance of these things was my responsibility as Product designer on this project.

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